Cross Country




2016 Girls

Name Grade
Olivia Colombotos 12
Emily DeBruin* 12
Emma Frazier 12
Caroline Sarro 12
Courtney Sullivan 12
Alexis Brown 11
Ashley Cloutier 11
Camryn Fitzgerald 11
Erin Hiltz 11
Shannon Lynch 11
Ally Smith 11
Ashley Smith 11
Shannen Tierney 11
Kristina Cunliffe 10
Jillian Doherty 10
Emily Hammond 10
Kara Hanafin 10
Sarah Harrington 10
Erin Hughes 10
Sophia Mancusi 10
Emily Newcomb 10
Hannah Pino 10
Molly Quattrucci 10
Julia Colombotos 9
Mia Frazier 9
Katherine Long 9
Sara Vieira 9

2016 Boys

Name Grade
  Jack Gurney 9
Steven Newcomb 9
Troy Pimento 9
Matthew Shattuck 9
Giovanni Balsamo 10
Christopher Barry 10
Patrick Barry 10
Sam Busa 10
Joevanny Cartagena 10
Jonathan Delmonte 10
Jason Fusco 10
Jacob Micciantuono 10
Clay Rushton 10
Zachary Cartwright 11
Daniel P. Flaherty 11
Jonathan Keyes 11
Luke Malone 11
Andrew Power 11
Jason Vickery 11
Brandon DeAnglelis 12
Ryan Pearce 12
Trey Sheridan 12
John Sweeney 12


Jeff Souza

Amanda Wilcox


2016 Season Recap
Updates are provided to FOBRA primarily by the coaches of each team.


10/5 – BR vs. Barnstable
BR Boys Cross Country team defeated Barnstable 27-29 at Bridgewater-Raynham. Trey Sheridan won the race. Rounding out the top 5 finishers for BR were Gio Balsamo, Jason Fusco, Pat Barry, and Sam Busa.

Bridgewater-Raynham @ Brockton, 9/28
The BR boys cross country team traveled to the Sheep Pasture in Easton, MA for a dual meet against Brockton High school. The Trojans defeated the boxers by a score of 21-40. Top five finishers for Bridgewater-Raynham were Gio Balsamo, Jason Fusco, Jason Vickery, Sam Busa, and Jon Delmonte.

Home vs. New Bedford, 9/21/16

Boys Cross Country defeated New Bedford 20-43. New Bedford Bruno Pires won the race but was followed by a large pack of Bridgewater-Raynham harriers. Top 5 finishers for the Trojans were; Trey Sheridan, Gio Balsamo, Jason Fusco, Jason Vickery, and Matthew Shattuck.

at West Bridgewater, vs. East Bridgewater, 9/13/16
Boys Cross Country defeated East Bridgewater by a score of 25-34.  Runner displacement proved a huge factor in the final result. Top 5 finishers for the Trojans were Gio Balsamo, Jason Vickery, Jason Fusco, Matthew Shattuck, and Luke Malone. Patrick Barry and Dan Flaherty finished 6th and 7th for the Trojans helping to displace the EB runners.

at West Bridgewater, vs. West Bridgewater, 9/13/16
The Trojan Cross Country team defeated West Bridgewater by a score of 19-44. Top 5 finishers for the squad were Gio Balsamo, Jason Vickery, Jason Fusco, Matthew Shattuck, and Luke Malone. Balsamo earned his first career win in the race.

at Durfee, 9/7/16:
BR Boys Cross Country defeated Durfee by a score of 25-36. sophomore Gio Balsamo was the top Trojan runner, finishing third overall. Balsamo was followed by classmate Jason Fusco, junior Jason Vickery, freshman Matt Shattuck, and sophomore  Sam Busa in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th respectively.